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Autumn In New York

Like many business people in New York City, I work for myself and I’m able to make my own hours.  In that vain I’m able to attend to real life issues such as declaring whether the Whole Foods Market salad bar is better than Westside Market’s, or to make my Trader Joe’s shopping list (which being able to go in the afternoon rather than after traditional working hours is a godsend, since everyone and their uncle goes after work).

And like many people in New York, I’m often running errands boasting my team colors.  Today, I was bumming around in my New York Rangers shirsey, bearing the number and name of one Bradley Glenn Richards.

So it’s autumn in New York.  It’s not just a one sport town, but a multiple sport town.  There is not one but several phenomena occurring this time of year. Typically, you can count on Yankee fans getting ready for the postseason, and Mets fans get ready to root for whomever plays against them.

Football season is a few weeks old.  Jets fans typically change their mind on the team more than the weather.

Yet there’s a gaping hole this fall, and it’s not the fact that I left the Giants out of the equation (come on, no one fucking talks about them until the playoffs)…and that’s hockey.

I’m a Mets and Jets fan, yet when I wear their attire, not much gets said to me when I’m walking down the street (unless I’m with my husband, and we get the “Hey, going to the game today?” comments).  I would gather that Yankee and/or Giants fans might feel the same when they sport their team colors.

Today, as I’m walking in Trader Joe’s, not one, not two, but THREE people (each from different walks of life — one an employee, one guy who looked like he just came in from the gym and someone who was probably working in an office setting still in their business casual clothes) made a comment about the team.  Whether it was, “Man, what do you think about the lockout?”  Or “We got Nash, and now we’re not playing?”  Or “Brad Richards, huh?”  (I get that a lot, but sue me, I was excited to have him on the team last year).

Come to now with the threat of no hockey this seasons I would be willing to argue that the true heart of a New York sports fan lies in their hockey allegiance.

That’s not to say that I don’t think there are super passionate Yankees, Mets, Giants, Jets, hell even Knicks and Brooklyn Nets fans.  They certainly exist.  Hockey fans are from a different cloth.  There’s a deep rooted passion, and it’s almost as if being in a room with 18,000 like minded people, indoors mostly, makes it seem like we’ve survived a war.  Perhaps we’ve survived several different battles, each game a mini battle in and of itself.

The battles these days aren’t being drawn out in the ice, but rather in board rooms, with Gary Butthead, the owners and players.  Someone pointed out to me that it’s probably not the best sign that players are going back to their homeland (Russia, Sweden, Czech Republic) to play in those leagues.  It dictates that they expect this to be drawn out for a long time.

Do I need to break out the world’s smallest violin, again, for the millionaires who are arguing over pennies while the diamonds are being passed over.  Diamonds in the form of long-term relationships with the fans who support and buy into the product.

What’s most nauseating being here in New York is that I know it’s not James Dolan’s fault.  He’s a money guy, sure, but he knows that the only way he’s gonna MAKE money is if his team gets out there and plays and his fans are happy.  Fans are not happy.

But what’s more.  I am a Mets, Jets and Rangers fans.  These three teams have brought me more sorrow than joy, but there are glimpses of hope as to why I stick around long term even though they are destined to break my heart more often than not.  Two years ago, and two years in a row, the Jets made the conference championships.  The Mets…well…let’s not go there.  But let’s just say that I do remember ’86 and think that sometimes those feelings are what keep me around.

The Rangers though.  For a fan with the teams I have, this is the closest I’ve had to a championship for a long time and a team I looked forward to the last few months to watch.  A team that could take me away from the drama of Rex Ryan land and the Wilpon Follies.  As someone else pointed out to me, we get Rick Nash, and pieces are falling into place, and now these people are just agreeing to disagree and getting absolutely nowhere.

Today would have marked the first preseason game for 2012-13 season.  Yet the only thing we are marking is time.

It’s autumn in New York.  And before we know it, it will be winter in New York.

As the seasons change, one constant may not be there.  And that’s not a pleasant thought.

Oy! The Jets Of Our Lives

I have my favorite little niche of Tweeters on any given Sunday (sometimes Mondays, including this week), that I follow for football.  It’s not dissimilar to whom I follow for Mets or even Rangers news, although the frequency of tweets usually increases closer to game time, then of course that Monday Morning Quarterbacking issue we have on Twitter too.

One person I follow is a die-hard Jets fan (who was also featured in Amanda Rykoff‘s EspnW piece on female fans) who calls herself “SportsYenta.”  Her tweets are often hilarious, cutting (she was even in Mass last week for the game against New England, and I believe in Baltimore a week before that!), and she often ends her thoughts with a succinct and elegant in its brevity point to bring it all home.


(PS Follow her, because she’s really funny during games and cool as hell)

That’s essentially how I feel with this surplus of Jets news coming out, about how the team is basically falling apart at the seams due to one thing or another.   Just, OY.  Well, maybe things aren’t that bad, but if the local media had its way, that’s what you would believe, that this team is essentially going to become the next Boston Red Sox, without the chicken n’ beer.  OY.

Two weeks ago, we heard about how Offensive Coordinator Brian Schottenheimer caused a rift, specifically how there was a wide receiver mutiny regarding his play calling, which Rex Ryan promptly shut down those reports prior to last week’s game against New England.  Yet you have to wonder how much truth there was to that rumor, as one of the WRs mentioned prominently in Scotty-gate, Derrick Mason, was traded to the Houston Texans.  You can point to his lack of production, as the article states, or that he was a critic of Schotty.  He was benched in Sunday’s game, according to Ryan so they could get a better look at Jeremy Kerley, which would make sense if Ryan knew there was a trade down the pike.  Either way, he was the odd man out of the three prominently featured in the criticism, with Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress.


Ryan spent a lot of time downplaying the story, yet this time there were no unnamed sources in the locker room, as Holmes is now attributing his quotes, ripping the offensive line.  Then Brandon Moore came out and said that there are just some things that should stay in the locker room.


It’s not like Holmes hasn’t been immune to critics himself; after all, Jets legend Broadway Joe Namath joined in on the fun by criticizing Holmes for complaining to the media after the Baltimore game. Nice little story from a guy one of my friends found lying in a gutter, hungover, before a game in the 1970s…but I digress.


I think this drama is just going to get worse before Monday night’s game against the Miami Dolphins.  And with good reason. The Jets are on a three game losing streak, but the Dolphins have it much worse…they haven’t even won a friggin game this season.  Both teams will be on edge, or as Ryan calls it, like “Caged animals.”

The Jets certainly have a lot more to lose than the Dolphins this week.  After all, they have higher expectations than the Dolphins, and if the Dolphins lose another game, well, they have just lost ANOTHER game.  No big deal, since they haven’t won one yet.  Imagine going back to Miami, with a feather in their cap, beating the Jets?


But then the double-edged sword is that if the Jets lose to a defeated team, then all the whispers will turn into loud screams about who needs to go and what needs to be done…till the next week of course.

My feeling is that no one on the Jets right now is immune to criticism but you know what will stop it?  WINNING.  A good old-fashioned beat down that will make the Jets 3-3 and everyone will once again be talking about how wonderful and great they are.

Till then…we’ll be listening to the drama machine.  Like the sands of time, so go the Jets of our Lives.


Coopie Says “Relax”

Today is Tuesday.  It’s been two days since the Jets had a tough loss to the Oakland Raiders.  My Twitterverse is STILL up in arms about it.

While I was disappointed in the loss…and Hell, I’ll be honest, one of the reasons I like football the least out of my three sports is because the redemption factor is at least a week away…I’m ready to move on and look to next week.  After all, that’s all that can be done at this point too.

My advice to you, besides starting to drink heavily, is to RELAX.

Well, Frankie is telling you to do so, but Coopie says it as well.

1) It’s ONE friggin game. Again, I say RELAX.

2) Did we truly expect for the Jets to go 16-0?  I certainly did not.  The fact is, you win some games and you lose some games.  RELAX.

3)  I guess what people are up in arms about is that after starting the season two games at home, they have three games on the road.  Do people seem to forget this is the same team that had all their playoff victories on the road?  RELAX.

4) I was a little torqued about the defense, defense, defense mantra, then allowing the opposition to score 34 against them.  Also, there were some dumb ass penalties during the game.  You could see it either way: home cooking by the hometown refs, or that the defense just wasn’t doing it’s job or taking unnecessary risks.  My thoughts?  Let this one go.  Certainly, this wasn’t the game for them.  RELAX.

5) My mom thinks he’s cute, but I don’t like Brian Schottenheimer.  Ah, fuck it.  RELAX.

The reality is, I think the Jets are allowed a tough loss every now and then.  Sucks that it could have been a 3-0 start and not 2-1, but that’s the way the turd curls.  You want to know what I am really pissed off about, mostly?  That I have to wait till December to go to my first Jets game…and that due to my half-marathon on Sunday, I can’t take a road trip to Baltimore to see them play.


A Sports-Filled Weekend

One of the drawbacks of having a sports-oriented website and story-telling regarding specific sporting events is time, or lack thereof.  Lack of time is partially responsible for my lack of writing this weekend.  Trust me, I have LOTS to talk about too.  Of course, with writing about sports mean attending sporting events, which also accounts for me not posting as much (but you can always follow me on Twitter @Coopz22 for in-game commentary and snarky comments).

I attended a Rangers preseason game on Friday night against the enemy New Jersey Devils.  I went to this game with people I’ve met over the years especially regarding Mets fandom (most of the people I attended the game with were Mets fans).

I attended to other things on Saturday most of the day, while hubby was tuning into the Mets / Phillies games on his radio.

Then on Sunday, there was not only Jets football to attend to, the Mets actually held a season ticket holder appreciation day prior to Sunday’s game.  So for a game I had originally written off (I was even planning to sell my tickets to it) I had to all of a sudden care about it because the Mets were actually honoring me (well, people like me, who have season ticket plans) and I was obligated to attend.  It was a nice event, but I wish the game had fared a bit better.

Of course, Philly and New York sports were also a big theme yesterday, as I was at the game, most of the folks were hanging out in the Caesars Club to watch the Eagles face the Giants in football. I typically don’t care about how the Giants do, but I really really really dislike the Eagles (especially that douchecanoe quarterback they have…and the fans…and the city…okay fine I just really don’t like Philadelphia sports at all), so I was happy to see the Giants win.  My Jets, on the other hand, did not fare as well.  But I will save that rant for another post.

Lastly, my Friday began with a matinee of Moneyball.  Baseball fans will enjoy it, and anyone who has read the book and has an acute understanding of how statistical analysis and targeting players who can provide more “wins” and using undervalued statistics will see the Hollywoodization of it, as Mike Silva over at NY Baseball Digest discussed today.  I will be posting a review at some point, I can’t guarantee when because…

Baseball season ends this week…well, for me, since my team is not playing in the postseason.  So I am going to all games this week (till Wednesday).  So my posts may be sporadic.  Or they may be very heavy one day, light for a few.  I promise, once baseball season ends, I’ll be on a more regular schedule.