About The Coop

Faith and Fear

Howdy!  I’m “The Coop,” aka Taryn.  Welcome to Gal For All Seasons.

I founded this site in 2011, after trying to find another voice to rant and rave about my sports teams and sports in general.

I was born and raised in New Jersey, attended my first Mets game at 8 years old, attended my first Rangers game at age 13, and had a life altering experience in Seattle in 2012.

I moved to New York City and met my husband through Metsopotamia.  We are the proud parents of two cats, Napoleon Dynamite and Cassiopeia.  And several bears.  I like beer and lots of cocktails, just not rum.  I also run my own home based business in nutrition, in addition to helping animals eat healthier.

My goals are to get to a Seattle Sounders game at some point, and to visit all 30 ballparks in MLB (I’m close – 23 in 2017).

Warning: I curse.  A lot.  Get over it.

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