About Gal For All Seasons

A Gal For All Seasons is the property of Taryn “The Coop” Cooper, the authentic “Gal For All Seasons.”  I follow baseball, hockey and football.  This site focuses on non-Mets baseball, New York Rangers and Seattle Seahawks franchises.  I also travel a lot, following sports.

I was also the author of the blog My Summer Family, a Mets fan site from 2007 – 2010, reinvigorated in 2016.

I was a coblogger at Kiner’s Korner and also a cofounder of the podcast attached to the site, the Kult of Mets Personalities.

I’m also coauthor and cofounder of Coop Dee Ville, a blog on love, life and relationships and technology’s impact on all three.

Follow my tweets @Coopz22.

I’m available for podcast appearances, feel free to email Mysummerfamily gmail com.

.coopedhawk  coop_mrsmet

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