A Sports-Filled Weekend

One of the drawbacks of having a sports-oriented website and story-telling regarding specific sporting events is time, or lack thereof.  Lack of time is partially responsible for my lack of writing this weekend.  Trust me, I have LOTS to talk about too.  Of course, with writing about sports mean attending sporting events, which also accounts for me not posting as much (but you can always follow me on Twitter @Coopz22 for in-game commentary and snarky comments).

I attended a Rangers preseason game on Friday night against the enemy New Jersey Devils.  I went to this game with people I’ve met over the years especially regarding Mets fandom (most of the people I attended the game with were Mets fans).

I attended to other things on Saturday most of the day, while hubby was tuning into the Mets / Phillies games on his radio.

Then on Sunday, there was not only Jets football to attend to, the Mets actually held a season ticket holder appreciation day prior to Sunday’s game.  So for a game I had originally written off (I was even planning to sell my tickets to it) I had to all of a sudden care about it because the Mets were actually honoring me (well, people like me, who have season ticket plans) and I was obligated to attend.  It was a nice event, but I wish the game had fared a bit better.

Of course, Philly and New York sports were also a big theme yesterday, as I was at the game, most of the folks were hanging out in the Caesars Club to watch the Eagles face the Giants in football. I typically don’t care about how the Giants do, but I really really really dislike the Eagles (especially that douchecanoe quarterback they have…and the fans…and the city…okay fine I just really don’t like Philadelphia sports at all), so I was happy to see the Giants win.  My Jets, on the other hand, did not fare as well.  But I will save that rant for another post.

Lastly, my Friday began with a matinee of Moneyball.  Baseball fans will enjoy it, and anyone who has read the book and has an acute understanding of how statistical analysis and targeting players who can provide more “wins” and using undervalued statistics will see the Hollywoodization of it, as Mike Silva over at NY Baseball Digest discussed today.  I will be posting a review at some point, I can’t guarantee when because…

Baseball season ends this week…well, for me, since my team is not playing in the postseason.  So I am going to all games this week (till Wednesday).  So my posts may be sporadic.  Or they may be very heavy one day, light for a few.  I promise, once baseball season ends, I’ll be on a more regular schedule.

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