The Passion of the Tebow

You all know me.

DSCN5633I am not a Tim Tebow aficionado.  I probably make more excuses for Mark Travis John Sanchez than his own mother (or worse, his coach Rex Ryan).  Yet, I’m pretty much done with him too.

But I have to say, I feel bad for Tebow.  He did not deserve to be a part of this green shit show this year, at all.

He has served as a pawn in a clueless management that seeks to win headlines over actual games.

He has served as an icon for a hype-driven market.

But most of all, it’s one that has been completely unfair to him.

Mark Sanchez clearly cannot handle whatever it is he can’t handle (the voices in his head telling him he sucks, or the “death threats” he received on Twitter after Monday night’s loss).

Tebow did not deserve what he’s gotten from the Jets, which is a big gigantic ZERO.  Nothin’.  A turd, if you will.  A big fat smelly turd.

Do I like Tebow?  Look, I’ll be the first to say he’s all hype and a self-promoting media marketing machine.  Does that mean I think he’s a bad person?  Quite the contrary.  I don’t believe he’s a bad guy at all.  And he’s certainly not the bad guy in this story.

What did he do to deserve the treatment that he’s gotten from the Jets?  I certainly think at age 25 it’s unfair to pigeonhole him as “finished,” as the Washington Post said today.

First, John Elway made his role obsolete by “going for it” with Peyton “I-Look-Like-A-Milwaukee-Racing-Sausage” Manning when Manning’s job was obsolete in Indianapolis.  This was AFTER Tebow had given the Denver Broncos the chutzpah to make it in the playoffs last year.

Second, what the frigg was Mike Tannenbaum thinking?  Whatever warts and all Rex Ryan has as head coach, clearly he is Mark Sanchez’s number one supporter.  I’m sure it was with a heavy heart he decided to go with Greg McElroy in this week’s game, rather than Sanchez or Tebow for that matter.

Which leads me to this.  I’m not a Tebow fan, but I was of the frame of mind that if he was capable, he should certainly be in there, at least when Sanchez was floundering.  Which is entirely possible, as we’ve seen.  Talk about mixed messages.  First, Sanchez was given an extension, THEN Tebow was traded to the Jets.  What the hell were they thinking?  I don’t even know if THEY know what they were thinking!

All at the expense of a man’s career.  Beautiful.

Look.  You all know I am a Mets fan, right?  (If not, whose blog have YOU been reading??)  It reminds me of the situation with Aaron Heilman (before you laugh, I happen to have some Stockholm Syndrome going on with him, deal with it).  Remember he was a starter?  Typical Mets story when they rush a prospect, only to see him fail, then not know what to do with him.  They brought him back for a start, and he rewards them with a shutout one-hitter.  How do they pay him back?  By putting him in the bullpen, a role he was NOT suited for, with the carrot dangle of “If you do well, you’ll be a starter again.”  Well, guess what?  He becomes too valuable in the ‘pen, which didn’t say much because the Mets notoriously NEVER have a good bullpen.  Then what happens?  Heilman ends up blowing some significant games, and cannot gain the confidence coming into a game.

Sure, I can call him a pussy, but the moral of the story is, just another one biting the dust of Mets mismanagement when they don’t know what the hell to do with a player.

I can adapt that story to the Jets.  Why ruin a team when you can ruin the career of a decent guy who is talented and can succeed and do so much more?

Look no further than Tim Tebow.

As I’ve said, I am no Tebow fan, but he does not deserve this smear of his young uprising profession this soon in his career.  Shame on the Jets for making him a pawn in this situation.


  1. Absolutely agree with you! Perfect post. Personally, I thought Sanchez was complete garbage since day 1. The only reason they won with him was because it was a team built by Eric Mangini with a solid supporting cast. Ryan is a joke, and Tanenbaum is nothing but a numbers pusher and is a loser who has no clue about football drafting. They should all be shown the door. Even the owner Johnson is to blame for this mess.

    Also, I think Tebow can be an effective player with the right team and game plan with coaches that actually know what they are doing. Sparano? What a joke. I am a season ticket holder and refused to attend even one game this year. You know what – I didn’t miss it at all.

    Good luck to McElroy- he is going to need it. Same old Jets.

  2. Great sentiments. I would only add that in the long-term this has damaged the Jets as much as it has Tebow. Who on Earth other than a roster of desperate has-beens would want to play for such a gutless organization after this appalling display of personnel mismanagement? Hardly any of this is the players’ fault yet they’re the ones getting shoved under the bus by a GM and coaching staff covering their butts. I do hope some team out there has the nads to give Tebow an earnest shot – if for no other reason than to see if he’s capable of summoning some of that magic gumption that sparked Denver. Succeed or fail, at least there will be closure. As for Sanchez, he got the other raw end of the stick, so to speak, but at the same time didn’t do himself any favors, either. He needs a therapist more than a QB coach, IMO, but at the end of the day he’ll probably still get the opportunity to start again. And McElroy – I couldn’t agree more: Good luck.

  3. Great summary of Heilman’s career, Tebow should do much better since he is not team controlled for as long as a young baseball player.
    And the broken ribs must have some bearing on not using Tebow, although I suspect that their not thinking played a bigger role.

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