Dubya Te(bow) Eff? Jay! Ee! Tee! Ess!

So, did I miss any news while I was out jogging today?

If I could wrap my head around WHY it happened, or WHY it is necessary, than maybe I could be supportive of it.  But…

Yeah, I don’t get it.

Earlier today, SNY’s Jets Blog did a very good recap of the pros and cons of bringing Tebow to the Jets.  It was very well done, but I can’t even say that I agreed with some of “pros.”

Tebow, a first-string QB who probably shouldn’t be, on a new team with another first-string QB?

Um.   Yeah.  Okay.

The Jets are enough of a media circus by themselves.  Do they really need the distraction of Tebow?

Look, I hear Tim Tebow is a really lovely guy.  Nice guy.  We all know that he’s a spiritual dude.  He’s worshiped in the Bible Belt.  I don’t think he’ll last six seconds in the New York media.

A few months ago, my friend Jon Presser from Rant Sports Jets blog discussed Mark Sanchez on my podcast, and we both agreed that warts and all, Sanchez is our guy. Sanchez, to me, had enough panache, charisma and balls to bring a title to the Jets, or at the very least be a big part of it.  I’ve been a Jets fan for a long time, but in my lifetime, I’m not entirely sure I could say that about anyone on the team in the past.

A few days ago, there was rumor that Peyton Manning would come to the Jets.  Manning, a living legend in Indianapolis and a likable dude somewhat, did not make a ton of sense to come to New York when he was up for grabs.  I mean, remember bringing Brett Favre here in 2008?  That totally backfired, right?  And Favre was a success, just as Manning was, prior to coming here.  Then the Jets gave Sanchez a new deal, and the point seemed moot.

I even told my cousin, a die hard Broncos fan, that I didn’t agree that Manning was a good fit there either.  My cousin, I should also mention, is a Tebow guy.  Now we have pissed off Broncos fans and REALLY pissed off Jets fans.

(Jon did a very good job, prior to the deal by the way, on why Tebow wouldn’t be a good fit on the Jets.  Basically, make everything present-tense and I could have written it myself.)

People can say what they want about Tebow.  The good stuff, the bad stuff, the polarizing personality, the overratedness, at the end of the day, he doesn’t make the team ANY better.  They are nowhere near closer to winning a championship without him than with him, if that makes any sense.

And that’s why I want nothing to do with having on the team.  But I can’t do much about it.  In a few days, we’ll be seeing a press conference, and I’ll just have to sit and smack my head repeatedly about yet the next dumb move the Jets are going to make.

My Twitter buddy Swirlywand had this to say on the Gal for all Seasons Facebook page:

“Picture it…Opening Sunday…Mark throws 3 incomplete passes and Tebow Maniacs are going to be Tebowing in the stands and chanting Tebow’s name. I’m trying to be supportive (because) this is MY TEAM DARN IT….but I am sure it’s going to split the locker room as much as it’s splitting fans.”

That’s about it in a nutshell for me.  WTF, J-E-T-S?  Unless they are going to say PSYCH in a few days and trade him for somebody else…this makes ZERO logistical sense.

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