Day: March 12, 2012

Gal For All Media

I have lots of stuff to write about.  But goddammit, if I felt like it, that would be a different story.


Anyway, I went to the Rangers / Isles game last night at the Garden.  This post could have easily been a “Fuck these guys, I’m going to Donovan’s” kind of story…but a) I went to Donovan’s on Saturday (after the CitiField tour I went on…pics to come later, I promise) and 2) the Rangers actually won the game (trust me…it didn’t look like it would happen).

I tried something new last night.  I figure with every schmoe out there with a blog and soapbox can give you the same content over and over in different ways, I decided to branch out and do something new…Video.

No, not *that* kind of video, Senor Solly.  A video where I talk and stuff.  I need to hone my craft but it’s weird and my voice annoys me.

Check it out.  And for the record, QuickTime Player sucks ASS.

P.S. Apparently, one of my tweets made it to GardenVision AGAIN.  But I was in the audience this time, and I still friggin missed it!!!