Day: September 27, 2011

Coopie Says “Relax”

Today is Tuesday.  It’s been two days since the Jets had a tough loss to the Oakland Raiders.  My Twitterverse is STILL up in arms about it.

While I was disappointed in the loss…and Hell, I’ll be honest, one of the reasons I like football the least out of my three sports is because the redemption factor is at least a week away…I’m ready to move on and look to next week.  After all, that’s all that can be done at this point too.

My advice to you, besides starting to drink heavily, is to RELAX.

Well, Frankie is telling you to do so, but Coopie says it as well.

1) It’s ONE friggin game. Again, I say RELAX.

2) Did we truly expect for the Jets to go 16-0?  I certainly did not.  The fact is, you win some games and you lose some games.  RELAX.

3)  I guess what people are up in arms about is that after starting the season two games at home, they have three games on the road.  Do people seem to forget this is the same team that had all their playoff victories on the road?  RELAX.

4) I was a little torqued about the defense, defense, defense mantra, then allowing the opposition to score 34 against them.  Also, there were some dumb ass penalties during the game.  You could see it either way: home cooking by the hometown refs, or that the defense just wasn’t doing it’s job or taking unnecessary risks.  My thoughts?  Let this one go.  Certainly, this wasn’t the game for them.  RELAX.

5) My mom thinks he’s cute, but I don’t like Brian Schottenheimer.  Ah, fuck it.  RELAX.

The reality is, I think the Jets are allowed a tough loss every now and then.  Sucks that it could have been a 3-0 start and not 2-1, but that’s the way the turd curls.  You want to know what I am really pissed off about, mostly?  That I have to wait till December to go to my first Jets game…and that due to my half-marathon on Sunday, I can’t take a road trip to Baltimore to see them play.


Wins Count No Matter When They Happen

I am about to hit the bricks for the evening, but I have one thing to say to Red Sox fans and to a lesser extent Braves fans.  Actually, I could give a shit about Braves fans.  I guess I feel for Red Sox fans more, you know, the enemy of my enemy, etc.

Remember at the beginning of the season, the Mets got off to a very slow start with 5-13 record. Remember all that hullabaloo?  Around the same time, Fred Wilpon conducted an interview with the New Yorker and made a comment about how shitty the team was?

Around the same time, a team with much higher expectations, the Red Sox (who orchestrated a trade for Adrian Gonzalez and signed the most coveted Carl Crawford in the offseason) started with a 2-10 record.

Many of the common refrains we hear at those times include: Oh, it’s only April.  Oh, there’s plenty of baseball to be played.  Oh, we’ll get our act together.  Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  I’m beginning to think it’s a rationalization of worse times to come.

The reality is, I think the Red Sox clearly understand the importance of winning games early on in the season.

I speak from experience.  Actually, my friend Steve Keane at Kranepool Society made a comment on Twitter about how it “will get better” for Red Sox fans.  Well, I think Mets fans can attest…it has NOT gotten any better, in fact, things have gotten progressively WORSE since the Mets ended the 2007 season 5-12 in the last 17 games (when they had a fucking SEVEN GAME LEAD at the time over the hated Phillies, who went 13-4 in that same stretch.  Assholes).  Anyway, I remember telling people, who thought I was crazy, that when the Mets weren’t winning critical games midseason, that they weren’t leaving a margin of error for the playoff run.  I guess at the time, they figured the playoffs were within reach and I was nuts for even venturing to think the Mets would collapse.  Well, they did and now we are on the verge of finishing our third consecutive fourth place finish.  Behind the Nationals.  THE NATIONALS!

The Red Sox probably wish they won some of the games they SHOULD have won now.  I spent a weekend in Boston early on in the season where they lost a game to the Seattle Mariners, and it was very close.  This was an example of a game they should have dominated.  They did not.  See my point?

People are making such a big deal about their epic collapse, specifically now that the Rays are playing the Yankees, and it seems like the Yankees are deliberately blowing the games so the Red Sox have to play much harder.  My philosophy is, it shouldn’t have even come to this.

In 2007, people point to the last game of the season that Tom Glavine started for the Mets, but the reality is there were plenty of games they SHOULD HAVE won but DID NOT before that.  Including that week.  The same goes for the Sox now.

I will always have these seasons in mind provided the Red Sox completely implode, or even if they don’t, it’s something to argue.  Wins count no matter when they occur.  Just something to bear in mind when your team with high expectations comes to a slow start.

Oh and for the record.  I don’t want to hear anything about 2007 ever again.  EVER.  If the Braves and the Red Sox don’t make the playoffs, nobody ever say BOO about it.  Kthxbye.