Gal For All Seasons Podcast

Few Announcements…

I’ll be a guest on the Rising Apple blog radio, talking – what else? – Mets.

Join us tomorrow night around 6:30 pm ET.

I’ll be on my own podcast as per usual at 7 pm ET.  My special guest will be Matt Falkenbury from The Daily Stache and SNY’s Knicks Blog.

Have a Little Faith…or Fear…There’s Mets Magic Tonight!

Mets' Poet Laureate...and Greg Prince ;)

Mets’ Poet Laureate…and Greg Prince 😉 (kidding, they’re one and the same)

Looking for a break from the holiday hubbub?  Wanna dine your guts on some Mets talk?  Or do you just want to hear the WHOOMP! There it is, Jake football spot at the beginning of the show?

Please join me for the long-awaited and anticipated Gal For All Seasons podcast debut of Mets author, bloggerati and friends Greg Prince and Jason Fry — founders of Faith and Fear in Flushing — as we talk Happy Recaps, books, Mets minutiae, and of course, the lasting impression of R.A. Dickey and what his trade will mean for the future of the franchise.

It’s very rare that we are gifted with such Mets minds in one night…so join us at 7 pm ET on NDB Media Sports…log into the CHAT ROOM!!!!

Join Me TONIGHT for the Gal For All Seasons Podcast at 7 pm ET!!

Just when I think we won’t have much to talk about…Melky Cabrera gets pinched for a 50-game drug suspension and King Felix Hernandez gets a perfect game in front of his hometown crowd.

Please join me in talking about baseball with some fabulous guests,  including Mr. Nate Corbitt from the Wait Til Next Year podcast, Joe Hamrahi from Baseball Prospectus and Cory Schwartz from MLB’s Fantasy 411.

Sign in at 7 pm ET!!!

Mascots, Road Trips and Baseball – Oh My!

Please join me for the Gal For All Seasons podcast tonight!  I have a very special guest, my friend Amanda Rykoff from ESPNW (and Twitter personality) joining me tonight.

We plan to discuss her recent ventures in running for President (no, not that kind…the Presidential Race at Nationals Park) and her obsession with team mascots (we stalked the Oriole Bird ourselves), plus her thoughts on the MLB Fan Cave.  I’m sure our talk will turn to the upcoming baseball season and road trips!

We’ll be on live at 7 pm ET, so please log into the chat room then!


The Gal For All Seasons Meets That Sports Babe TONIGHT!

Join me on the Gal For All Seasons podcast on NDB Sports Media tonight at 7 pm EST.

My special guest will be talk show host and Twitter personality ThatSportsBabe, aka Jackie Taylor, to discuss hoops, NBA, and whatever else floats our boat.

Looking forward to tonight’s show…are YOU?????

I Am A RANGER Podcast Tonight

Join the Gal For All Seasons podcast at 7 pm EST for a fun-filled hockey show, featuring our love for the New York Rangers (Devils and Islanders fans can listen in to heckle).

My guests tonight include Nick Montemagno from the Rangers Tribune and Kevin DeLury from the NY Rangers blog.  Be sure to check them out on Twitter – NickMonteRT and NYRBlog.

Looking forward to discussing my less-depressing team in 2012 tonight!!  See you then.

TONIGHT!!! The Gal For All Seasons Podcast BASEBALL Show!

The Gal For All Seasons podcast goes live tonight at 7 pm EST with special guests Sully from Sully Baseball and Bill Ivie from Ivie League Productions and I-70 Baseball.  Our topics tonight are, what else, talking baseball, the upcoming season, offseason topics, Red Sox, Cardinals, Pujols, Valentine, Manny.  Whatever floats our boat, we’ll discuss.

Join some knowledgeable baseball fans in discussing the 2012 season tonight!


Podcast Predictions

Last night was a monumental evening.  Well, for me anyway.  Two things happened.  One was I launched my official Gal For All Seasons podcast.  I didn’t know how I would feel about just talking to myself for a half hour, but I think it could have gone a lot worse.  Many thanks to NDB Media for producing the show.  Looking forward to working with you guys over there.

The other thing was that I actually made some Super Bowl predictions.  I don’t really care about the outcome — I won’t cry if the Patriots lose, but I usually root for AFC in the Bowl.  I didn’t last year (mostly because I hated the Steelers and really have a fangirl crush on Aaron Rodgers).  This year, for obvious reasons, I won’t be either.  But I’m not exactly rooting for the Giants either.  Getting all that out of the way, I have some predictions that I mentioned on the show.

One is that I think this will be a high scoring game.  I also think it’s Tom Brady’s game to lose.  If you think about it, the Giants are going into this game with absolutely no pressure.  They won in 2008, and they could very well win again, against a “superior” quarterback in Brady (blech).  If the Giants win, they’ve toppled over Goliath.  If the Patriots win, well, they beat a team that got by on luck.  It could go either way.  But I’m predicting a BIG time Brady choke.

Also predicted a big game from Victor Cruz.  Probably one of the few Giants whom I sincerely like.  How can I hate on a guy who relishes his Jerseyness?

I also predict that I’ll be eating a lot of carbs.  I’ll be fat and happy on the couch.  That’s something I know I’ll be getting right.

Most of all, enjoy yourselves and drink responsibly.  And that’s a view from The Coop!