TONIGHT!!! The Gal For All Seasons Podcast BASEBALL Show!

The Gal For All Seasons podcast goes live tonight at 7 pm EST with special guests Sully from Sully Baseball and Bill Ivie from Ivie League Productions and I-70 Baseball.  Our topics tonight are, what else, talking baseball, the upcoming season, offseason topics, Red Sox, Cardinals, Pujols, Valentine, Manny.  Whatever floats our boat, we’ll discuss.

Join some knowledgeable baseball fans in discussing the 2012 season tonight!


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  1. I was at Game 6, and that game had many surtpnaeural mements in it. I recall the lady in red that sat directly behind home plate. Some thought she used telekinitic powers that night. Why didn’t Boggs charge Knight’s ground ball that bounce foul? If he charged the ball he could have had an easy game ending play. Why did Rice run 30 feet wide of third when he was thrown out at the plate?Why did the parchute land when Buckner was up?Why did Shea Stadium offer congratulations to the Red Sox before the game ended?Why was Bruce Hurst named MVP before it was over?

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