Bye-Week Blues

The baseball season officially ended Friday night.  Congrats to the St. Louis Cardinals and their fans for one helluva ride. What Met fan couldn’t identify with Nelson Cruz and the way the Game Six just kept going and going?  It reminded me of our Game Six, but it was like a 1986 Game Six-lite, since it was so sloppily played beforehand.  I was rooting for Texas, because I’d visited there over the summer, and I thought the area was really great.  The best “heckle” if you can even call it that was “Boo YOU!” when I wore my Reyes 7 jersey to the game.  I even met their version of Cow-Bell Man in “El Rangerdoro.”  Sorry for Texas, I guess everything isn’t as big as they claim it to be.

Moving right along, what is it with the OTHER Rangers, you know, the one I actually root for?  They give up late leads and have to go to shoot-outs and it’s just not cool.  For those who want Sean Avery back, well, I like Avery as much as the next person but that ship has sailed.  He’s not who he used to be.  Christensen isn’t the guy either, but hasn’t it occurred to others that maybe it’s the loss of Marc Staal?  Say what you want about Captain Cally, Staal is the pulse of the team.  Without him, expect this team to fall short many many times.

As for my Jets, they had a bye-week.  It was different for me, because there were games I had a vested interest in like Pittsburgh/New England, and even the Giants game, but my own team wasn’t playing.  So I did what any self-respecting fan did…and slept till 1 pm, and didn’t have “breakfast” till 3 pm.  Don’t worry, I got all caught up with the games later on.  Unfortunately, my husband’s team plays in Seattle (the Seahawks, natch), but their game didn’t make it on at all.  We know places where there’s streaming, but I had custody of the laptop during the games.

Then I started thinking.  Baseball is over.  My hockey team had the night off.   They play even more sparingly than baseball teams.  My team has a bye-week.

What the Hell am I gonna do?

I’m gonna watch my Sex & the City DVDs, catch up on DVR and bitch about not having sports to watch on my blog.

Sounds like a fine Sunday evening to me.

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