I’ve spent the better part of a year figuring out what next steps to take since I shut down my signature site, My Summer Family, my passionate narrative from a Mets season ticket holder point of view.

Things got to be too much…plus I wanted to do some side projects such as writing for Metsmerized Online, Daily Stache and Kiners Korner (and the podcast Kult of Mets Personalities)…but I never gave up the idea of having my own site again.  This time, more content, more fun stuff, and stopping taking myself so seriously.

Those of you know who know me as a Mets fan…welcome back!  But just to be clear, this offshoot of My Summer Family is now going to include my fan viewpoint of the New York Jets and the New York Rangers. I have a feeling I won’t be at a loss for content this year, for sure.

I attend several games per year for those sports…why not write about them?

I’m getting back to my roots here.  So please be patient as I figure things out on WordPress, and as I take my next direction in the creative side of being a fan.

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