Please Join Us

Have you ever been told, “You know, you sure know a lot about baseball…

For a GIRL.”

If you’ve ever been told that great observation above, well, guess what?  You’ll find your place with the rest of us misfits.

It’s my pleasure to announce that I’ll be feting my dear friend, Caryn Rose aka Metsgrrl (one of my original inspirations for Mets blogging), honoring her newest book release, A Whole New Ballgame.

I’ll be joining a panel moderated by Kimberly Austin of Rock Book Show, with other great lady baseball writers / bloggers, including Joan Walsh (of Splash Hit, and Diane Firstman (Value Over Replacement Grit).

Join us at WORD in Brooklyn on Wednesday, March 12, at 7 pm, for the You Sure Know A Lot About Baseball For A Girl event.   I’ll be there, I might mention something about post-traumatic Mets disorder or something.

Follow us on Twitter:

Caryn Rose – @Metsgrrl
Diane Firstman – @dianagram
Joan Walsh – @Joanwalsh
Coop – @Coopz22

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