Working in the health and wellness field, we often hear the catch phrases “oxidative stress” or “inflammation.”  Yet if you ask someone what they mean, they kind of look at you like a deer caught in the headlights.  Yet, we know, it’s not a **good** thing.  The literal meaning of oxidation is rusting.  When our bodies experience oxidative stress, internally we are rusting, which causes a flurry of other bad things.

Looking at the Rangers style of play in their first two games of the shortened 2013 season, it seems like the whole team are oxidating, or rusting.

Yep, rusty.  That’s how they looked.

I’m not one to jump off a cliff about their way of play.  Two shitty games over the course of a season does not a sample set make.

But the amount of sky is falling tweets are annoying.  Just stop.  They had a slow start last season, and went on an amazing run.

I admit, it was annoying to watch.  Especially when they added a guy like Rick Nash, who is supposed to make them more of a threat.  Yet, all I see if more of a skating Smurfs on Ice rendition, more so than before.

No one gets more than I do that we’ve got some unsettled business to take care of.  A longer than usual offseason, coupled with holding our dicks after the dismal end to the last postseason.  But let’s allow the season to unfold.  With some new blood means a period of adjustment, and with that means they are going to have some rust.  They won’t lose forever.  Despite the best efforts of some fans from other teams.


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